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AQuA – EDIH x CLAIRE best practices “Sustainable AI”

18/12/23 @ 12:00 - 13:00


Inspired by Turing Award winner Donald E. Knuth’s All Questions Answered lecture, CLAIRE All Questions Answered Events (AQuAs) are relaxed, 1 hour, online events that bring together a small group of panelists to discuss current hot topics in AI and beyond and answer questions from the community.

The focus of the CLAIRE x EDIH AQuA session on sustainable AI is to explore the strategies employed by European Digital Innovation Hubs in addressing green deal issues. This involves the incorporation of sustainability considerations into services designed to assist organizations and companies grappling with digital transformations.

In addition, the webinar will discuss the influence of AI, data, and robotics technologies on sustainability matters, emphasizing their potential contribution to achieving sustainable development goals.

During the session, the panellists will impart insights into their experiences and share best practices related to integrating sustainability into the development and deployment processes of their services. This encompasses various aspects from policy to innovation workshops, during training or when providing access to test infrastructures and developing financial services.

Co-organised by CLAIRE | Brussels, Paris and Prague and EDIHs:, EDIH CTU, EDIH Saarland & Dihnamic.


12:00 - 13:00
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